Easy Webinar Plugin Is Live

Easy Webinar Plugin is the first Automated Webinar software for WordPress on the market! I have been testing it out on my own site and it’s doing some pretty cool stuff.

The easy webinar plugin team figured out how to combine there system with your own theme, while keeping the integrity of your theme and still allowing you to create Webinars, that work more like pages in wordpress!

One major question people have been having…

What is the difference between your software and the Evergreen System?

(-At this point, about 400 dollars… ;)  

Truthfully though there are features and functions that are very similar to Evergreen webinar system and some features that are utterly EXCLUSIVE to Easy Webinar Plugin that you wont find anywhere else. 

Such as the home widget feature, or the scarcity feature.

If  you saw the demo video that was up on the site a couple months ago,  easy webinar plugin has gotten even bigger, with way more functions.

Find out more about the easy webinar plugin today!

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